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  • From Family Policy Institute of Washington

    Last week, seven legislators sent a letter to Governor Inslee demanding that Washington State stop funding Planned Parenthood. Since then, 34 legislators have sent a letter to Attorney General Bob Ferguson requesting him to investigate whether Planned Parenthood in Washington has been selling organs from aborted babies for financial gain.  You can read the letter and see who signed it below (you can also read it here).

    If your legislators signed this letter, let them know you appreciate their efforts to investigate Planned Parenthood. If your legislators did not sign the letter, call the legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000or email them here and ask them to join their colleagues in compelling the Governor and Attorney General to investigate and stop funding Planned Parenthood.

    Then call Attorney General Ferguson’s office at 360-753-6200 and ask him to investigate Planned Parenthood. Be respectful, but please be heard.

  • Dear Friends and Neighbors, The Fish and Wildlife Commission recently decided to increase cougar harvest (for a period of three years) in GMU areas where there is an overlap of wolf populations. I am COMPLETELY SUPPORTIVE of their decision. For years, so many of you have advocated for a comprehensive approach to managing predators. However…

    …IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE COMMISSION HEAR FROM YOU RIGHT AWAY!Do not let animal rights activists – who consider these predator species to be more important than our region’s deer, elk and moose – to derail the Commission’s efforts!

    As you know, Northeastern Washington is home to multiple predator species, including 12 of the 16 wolf packs statewide. As a result, our region’s ungulate (deer, elk and moose) populations are at an incredible risk for increased stress and predation. Hunting opportunities are significantly at risk as well if the Department does not take a more holistic approach in our region to the management of predators as a whole and the impact such numbers and species have on our ungulates. It is crucial to minimize these threats if our region is to sustain healthy and productive numbers of ungulates. Share your support and share your knowledge and stories of increased predator presence in Northeastern Washington!

    THE COMMISSION NEEDS TO HEAR FROM YOU! The Fish and Wildlife Commission will discuss a petition it received during its upcoming August meeting. The Petition seeks to reverse the Commission’s rule and return to the old cougar harvest numbers. Please send your comments to: Bradley Smith, Ph.D., Chair Fish and Wildlife Commission 600 Capitol Way Olympia, Washington 98501-1091 Email Address: Phone: (360) 902-2267 Fax: (360) 902-2448 It is absolutely vital that those of us living with the consequences of these decisions make our voices heard! Click here to view a letter your 7th Legislative District team recently sent to the Commission on this issue. Please consider lending your support to these efforts, and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


    Rep. Shelly Short

    Caucus Chair State Representative

    E-mail: Web site:

    Olympia Office (January-April) 427A Legislative Building – P.O. Box 40600 Olympia, WA 98504-0600 (360) 786-7908 or Toll-free: (800) 562-6000

    District Office (April-December) P.O. Box 184 Republic, WA 99166 (509) 775-8047

  • July 2, 2015

    Dear Governor Inslee,

    I have an important question for you:  Who really governs this state – the elected Governor, or the powerful WEA union?  Your answer could end the budget chaos created by Democrats yesterday.

    The 2015 legislative session accomplished what was needed for the people of Washington State.  Led by Senate Republicans, the bipartisan budget accomplished historic reductions in college tuition, spending priorities for K-12 education and early learning, reduced class sizes, and COLAs for our teachers for the first time in
    6 years – all this, without increasing taxes on our citizens.  This balanced
    budget passed by wide margins in both chambers and you signed it late on June
    30th, just in time to avert a government shutdown.


    However, while our party is celebrating “job well done,” your party has a mess on its hands following the Senate Democrats’ early morning sabotage of the budget YOU signed.  While our party accomplished college tuition reductions, your party has put
    those historic reductions in jeopardy.  While our party passed a balanced budget, your party unbalanced the budget.   This outrageous mess is a result of your party’s fealty to the WEA! 

    Republicans delivered on their promises.  As the 4th of July weekend nears, the Republicans rest assured that they have finished their job.  Significantly, your party is not done yet.  Republicans are known for fixing problems but we cannot fix your party!  Now it’s in your hands to end your intra-party squabbles and bring this legislative session to a conclusion.  Are you the leader of your party and the leader of this state or not?  You are the Governor, and it is time for you to govern.  We say sincerely… good luck.


    Susan Hutchison

    Chairman, Washington State Republican Party

  • Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post (“Iran nuclear deal worse than we could have imagined”) - “Congress needs to act in order to rob this deal of, at least, its domestic legitimacy. Rejection will make little difference on the ground. But it will make it easier for a successor president to legitimately reconsider an executive agreement … that garnered such pathetically little backing in either house of Congress….”


    Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal (“The 2016 Contest Begins to Take Shape”) - “Mr. Obama is an odd one in that when there are rivals close by, in Congress for instance, with whom he could negotiate deals, he disses them in public, attacks their motives, yanks them around with executive orders, crushes them when possible. But when negotiating with actual tyrants he signals deference, hunger. I leave it to others to explain what it means when a man is bullying toward essentially good people and supplicating toward bad ones….”


    Politico (“Congress balks at Obama’s UN move on Iran deal”) - “President Barack Obama has a new hurdle to selling his Iran deal on Capitol Hill: Bipartisan opposition to his decision to submit the nuclear accord to the United Nations before Congress votes on the agreement….”


    Joseph O’Sullivan in the Seattle Times (“Sen. Andy Hill: A star emerges in session dominated by GOP”) - “State Sen. Andy Hill is one of a handful at the center of a GOP strategy to invest more in education while aiming to raise as little revenue as possible. While he won’t say whether he intends to run, Hill is talked about as challenger in 2016 to Gov. Jay Inslee….”


    Seattle Times (“Quit snooping into trash, city of Seattle told in privacy lawsuit”) – “Privacy advocates say Seattle is violating residents’ privacy “on a massive scale” by having garbage haulers look through people’s trash to make sure food scraps are going into the yard waste, not the garbage….”



    Steve Beren – Director of New Media & Technology 

    Washington State Republican Party

    office (425) 460-0570

    home (206) 325-6341

    cell (206) 931-1854


  • From Susan Hutchinson, WSRP Chairman:

    Read this about the dirty tricks and double-crossing by Governor Inslee’s Democrats — here’s someone who was there in the Senate gallery.  State Representative Matt Manweller (R) of Ellensburg posted the following on his Facebook page this morning:

    “I have some very unfortunate news regarding this year’s session. Due to a combination of immaturity, too much alcohol, and a lack of respect for the process and keeping your word, The Senate Democrats went back on their word and blew up all three budgets — operating, capital, and transportation. We have enough money in the signed operating budget to keep the government open until September. After that we’re not sure what will happen.

    “I know people see a lot of partisan posts on Facebook full of hyperbole but I can tell you that last night’s behavior by the Senate Democrats was the most disgraceful I have seen in 20 years of politics.

    “For all you teachers out there that think the Democrats are your friends, they just sabotaged the 3 raises we were going to give you. They also sabotaged the $100 million we were going to give the Central Washington University and they have almost destroyed the tuition cut we were going to give all the parents.

    “No matter how long I serve, I will never forget the scene last night of inebriated Democrats laughing about about how they had screwed everyone including their House Democratic friends and thinking it was funny.”

  • Are Inslee’s Democrats liars, sore losers, or just so corrupt, they don’t care?

    Here’s what’s they’ve done:  In the wee hours of this morning, Senate
    Democrats double-crossed their colleagues, insulted the House of
    Representatives and defied the citizens of Washington, by blowing up the
    agreement they had made to pass a state budget.

    Why would they do such a thing?  Because Democrats are bought and paid for
    by the WEA, the Washington Extortion (uh, Education) Association.  With
    money they take from every teacher’s paycheck, the WEA buys the election of
    left-wing Democrats to push their left-wing agenda–which has NEVER been about
    giving our kids a good education!

    Despite  a huge spending increase in the new budget including the highest
    increase for education in state history, the WEA is furious because the budget
    did not require NEW (unnecessary) taxes!  (The WEA and the Democrats are
    fixated on forcing a state income tax on the people of Washington.)

    So, early this morning, the Democrats blew a $2 billion hole in the state
    budget by changing their votes on the agreement they negotiated last
    weekend.  We ask, were they lying in those negotiations and as they
    boasted about the budget they passed? Or is this what sore losers do, when
    reality sets in and they realize the budget is good for the people but not for
    the Democrats? Or are they so corrupted by the WEA’s money that they will do
    anything to stay in the WEA’s favor?

    This last minute dirty trick jeopardizes the historic tuition cuts which
    Republicans won for students and families.  And it may block new funding
    for K-12 and our youngest learners.

    At its core, this is the result of a colossal failure of leadership.  Jay
    Inslee, the Governor who just can’t govern, presides over this mess.  It’s
    a hell of way to govern, Mr. Inslee.


    Susan Hutchison

    Chairman, Washington State Republican Party