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  • In a great victory for the people of Washington, tonight’s election results show that Republican State House candidate Teri Hickel will win!

    In the 30th LD (Federal Way), ballots from King County and Pierce County give Hickel a lead of 54% to 46% over her WEA funded Democrat opponent.  Hickel’s victory brings the GOP within one seat of controlling the entire legislature!  The last time that happened was 1998.

    Also, in the 9th LD, Mary Dye, appointed to fill a vacancy in May, was retained by a margin of 65% to 35% over her opponent, Richard Lathim.

    Congratulations to Teri Hickel and Mary Dye, and to the great effort of supporters, volunteers, activists, and donors.  

    Initiative 1366 appears headed for victory, with initial results indicating the measure is leading 54% to 46%.  The voters of Washington don’t want tax increases without a 2/3rds vote of the legislature.

    Tonight’s victory puts Republicans in a strong position.  Let’s continue the momentum by electing a Republican governor in 2016!

    Susan Hutchinson, WSRP Chair

  • Town Hall Meeting

    October 20th, 2015


    Hunters Grange

    Guest Speakers Representative Shelly Short and Senator Brian Dansel

    Come join in the discussion

    Current information on our pending Washington State Legislation


    and much more

    Contact Ron Buchanan for more information at 509-675-8019

    “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to.  This is the last stand on Earth.” ~  President Ronald Reagan


    #1 – Spokesman Review Editorial (9/17): Washington Democrats should allow Republicans to move up primaries … Excerpts below; link is

    “People are buzzing about the Republican debates held Wednesday night, and, for better or for worse, the presidential campaign story is here to stay for the next 14 months.  Washingtonians could get a front-row seat to this political drama, because the state Republican Party has decided to fully use the presidential primary results to award delegates to its convention. It’s the first time for either party, and it suddenly makes the primary far more interesting.  It would be even more compelling if the Democrats on the state Primary Commission would acquiesce to the request of Secretary of State Kim Wyman and move the primary date from May 24 to March 8, which is a week after Super Tuesday….  State GOP Chairwoman Susan Hutchison says she will try to persuade the Primary Commission to reconsider the date. The deadline to change it is Oct. 1….  The public is clearly interested in the race, with its mix of traditional politicians and private sector leaders. Voters should be given a chance to see them in person….”

    #2 – The Columbian Editorial (9/17): Republicans Get It Right … Excerpts below; link is

    “In reality, the ideas are pretty simple. That the public should decide the major-party nominees for president. That having more people engaged in the process reflects a strength, not a weakness, of our political system. That we should strive to live the ideals spelled out by Thomas Jefferson when he said, ‘Government is the strongest of which every man feels himself a part.’  ….Anyway, with a desire to engage the public in the system, kudos goes to the Washington Republican Party for the simple act of extending the nominating process to the people; party officials announced this week that, for the first time, the state’s votes at the national convention will mirror the results of a primary election to be held May 24. Such kudos is warranted particularly when the GOP is contrasted with the horse-and-buggy system still embraced by Washington Democrats.  Secretary of State Kim Wyman praised the decision as ‘a big win for voters’ and added, ‘Our main goal should be giving a voice to the broadest possible swath of the electorate.’ Indeed. And yet that idea continues to be rebuffed by Washington Democrats. While state Republicans will follow the will of Republican voters, Democrats will continue to allot delegates based upon the results of caucuses….  Old habits, however, die hard. Political parties — and their ardent supporters — are allergic to action that might be construed as relinquishing a snippet of power. This creates a desire to limit the nominating process to those engaged enough to attend a caucus….”

    #3 – Yakima Herald-Republic Editorial (9/18): State GOP gets it right on presidential primary … Excerpts below; link is

    “Last weekend, the Republicans took a giant step toward making the 2016 presidential primary both more relevant and more representative of a large swath of the state’s voters. Party officials, meeting in Pasco, voted to use results from the May 24 primary to award all of the state’s 41 contested delegates to the Republican National Convention. In addition to those 41, three top Republican officials will attend the convention as automatic delegates. Democrats, unfortunately, will stick entirely with their March 26 caucuses to decide their presidential delegates, even though voters may cast ballots for Democratic candidates in the primary.  The GOP is also keeping an eye on proportional representation, with three delegates to be awarded in each of the state’s 10 congressional districts, and 11 based on statewide results. A candidate who carries a majority of the primary vote in a congressional district will win all three of that district’s delegates. This setup recognizes that even in intraparty matchups, results from west of the Cascades could tilt toward different candidates than those favored by Central and Eastern Washington voters….  The state GOP’s decision is a welcome one for voters and a healthy one for democracy; it’s too bad that the Democrats don’t agree.”

    #4 – Walla Walla Union-Bulletin Editorial (9/16): GOP decision to use state presidential primary reduces waste of tax dollars … Excerpts below; link is

    “Well, the state’s Republican Party is playing ball. Its leaders have decided to use the state’s 2016 presidential primary to award all delegates to the nominating convention….  However, Washington Democrats will ignore primary results and award presidential delegates based on the results of their March 26 caucuses….  Secretary of State Kim Wyman, the only Republican currently holding a statewide office, praised the state GOP’s decision as ‘a big win for the voters.’  ‘Our main goal should be giving a voice to the broadest possible swath of the electorate,’ she said.  State GOP Chairwoman Susan Hutchison said her party will try to persuade the state’s Primary Commission to move the election to March 8. This is what Wyman asked for last month, but the proposal was rejected when the Democrats on the bipartisan panel voted no. The Commission should move up that date. It would make the GOP and Democratic primary more relevant….  It, of course, would be far better if Democrats would follow the GOP lead….”

  • Huckleberry wolf pack continues to haunt Hunters area ranchers;

    Wolves attack, nearly kill guard dog on Aug. 12

    The Huckleberry

    Wolf pack is continuing to haunt a

    cattle and sheep rancher in southern Stevens County, with the wolves

    attacking and nearly killing a guard dog on Aug. 12.


    Marama-Akbash guard dog,

    was protecting a small group of sheep on the Dashiell ranch near

    Hunters when he was attacked and mutilated by wolves. The attack is

    another blow to the Dashiells who were forced to leave their private

    grazing ground in 2014 after chronic wolf attacks killed over 33

    sheep and left over 300 unaccounted for.

    The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife removed one wolf from

    the Huckleberry wolf pack, but it did not stop the attacks. With the

    ranch losing animals on a daily basis, the Dashiells were forced to

    drive the over

    1,800 head of sheep

    down from their forested grazing area to pastures where the ranch was

    forced to feed hay.

    In 2015, the

    ranch was unable to go back to their summer grazing due to ongoing

    wolf activity and is now feeding the majority of the sheep hay on

    pastures near the Tri-Cities. A small group of replacement ewes is

    still being kept at the Hunters ranch. Moving most of the sheep from

    the summer grazing pastures is costing the ranch over $10,000 a month

    in hay costs alone. Unable to absorb the high overhead, the Dashiells

    have put their sheep up for sale. By being forced out of Stevens

    County, the area is losing a business that grossed over $100,000 a


    “This will be

    the fate of every ranch in Stevens

    County if we don’t change something right now,” said Stevens County

    Cattlemen’s Association President Justin Hedrick. “When offending

    wolves are not quickly removed, they will come back again and again

    to feed on and attack livestock and domestic animals.”

    Hedrick noted

    that the challenges to his own ranch, the Diamond M, only stopped

    after most of Wedge Pack was removed in 2012.

    Due to the

    unbreakable nature of the behavior of wolves that start killing

    livestock, multiple kills by the Dirty Shirt pack near Chewelah also

    this summer indicate that pack should be removed immediately, said

    Hedrick. So far, the pack has killed three adult cattle and one calf.

    “We have

    asked WDFW to be specific about how many cattle have to be killed

    before removal action will be taken and by their own documents, four

    is the number,”

    said Hedrick. “So the time for removal of the Dirty Shirt pack is


    For more

    information, visit

  • The funeral service for Mr. H. Robert “Bob” Morton, will begin at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, August 14, 2015 at the Grace Evangelical Free Church in Colville, WA. (851 S Miner Street, 509-684-5936) A potluck gathering will follow at the Kettle River Grange, 25262 Highway 395 N, (509) 738-6253 in Barstow, WA.

    A time of visitation is scheduled between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015 at the Danekas Funeral Chapel, 155 W. First Avenue, (509) 684-6271 in Colville, WA.

    Memorial contributions may be given to the Kettle River Grange, Orient Community Church and/or Hospice of Spokane.

  • Dear SCRCC Friends.  It is with great sadness that I inform you that Senator Bob Morton passed away Thursday.

    Senator Morton served the citizens of the 7th Legislative District for 22 years.

    He retired on January 1, 2013 after serving from 1991 through 1994 in the House and from 1995 to 2013 In the Senate.

    Senator Morton was known as a strong advocate for conservative values of the 7th legislative District.  He was a mentor to other legislators, including Cathy McMorris Rodgers,

    A pilot, a logger, husband and father and Minister.

    Senator Morton was a true leader who served with honor and was respected buy all.

    My memories of Senator Morton are steeped in his faithfulness in serving his constituents and kindness shown to all that he encountered.

    He consistently wanted not only the best for his District and the country but for each individual that he encountered.

    I was especially struck by the team of Bob and Linda Morton who always supported one another and everyone that they came into contact with.

    Most important it was so rewarding and reassuring to know that Bob Morton was a Christian who loved the Lord and whose moral compass was guided by and firmly pointed to the wisdom found in God’s word.

    Such blessed assurance for him and his family and such a blessing for all of us who associated with Bob and Linda and benefited from their dedication and wisdom.

    God promises that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord and I am confident there is much rejoicing in heaven this day.

    Grant Peterson

    SCRCC Chair

  • From Family Policy Institute of Washington

    Last week, seven legislators sent a letter to Governor Inslee demanding that Washington State stop funding Planned Parenthood. Since then, 34 legislators have sent a letter to Attorney General Bob Ferguson requesting him to investigate whether Planned Parenthood in Washington has been selling organs from aborted babies for financial gain.  You can read the letter and see who signed it below (you can also read it here).

    If your legislators signed this letter, let them know you appreciate their efforts to investigate Planned Parenthood. If your legislators did not sign the letter, call the legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000or email them here and ask them to join their colleagues in compelling the Governor and Attorney General to investigate and stop funding Planned Parenthood.

    Then call Attorney General Ferguson’s office at 360-753-6200 and ask him to investigate Planned Parenthood. Be respectful, but please be heard.

  • Dear Friends and Neighbors, The Fish and Wildlife Commission recently decided to increase cougar harvest (for a period of three years) in GMU areas where there is an overlap of wolf populations. I am COMPLETELY SUPPORTIVE of their decision. For years, so many of you have advocated for a comprehensive approach to managing predators. However…

    …IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE COMMISSION HEAR FROM YOU RIGHT AWAY!Do not let animal rights activists – who consider these predator species to be more important than our region’s deer, elk and moose – to derail the Commission’s efforts!

    As you know, Northeastern Washington is home to multiple predator species, including 12 of the 16 wolf packs statewide. As a result, our region’s ungulate (deer, elk and moose) populations are at an incredible risk for increased stress and predation. Hunting opportunities are significantly at risk as well if the Department does not take a more holistic approach in our region to the management of predators as a whole and the impact such numbers and species have on our ungulates. It is crucial to minimize these threats if our region is to sustain healthy and productive numbers of ungulates. Share your support and share your knowledge and stories of increased predator presence in Northeastern Washington!

    THE COMMISSION NEEDS TO HEAR FROM YOU! The Fish and Wildlife Commission will discuss a petition it received during its upcoming August meeting. The Petition seeks to reverse the Commission’s rule and return to the old cougar harvest numbers. Please send your comments to: Bradley Smith, Ph.D., Chair Fish and Wildlife Commission 600 Capitol Way Olympia, Washington 98501-1091 Email Address: Phone: (360) 902-2267 Fax: (360) 902-2448 It is absolutely vital that those of us living with the consequences of these decisions make our voices heard! Click here to view a letter your 7th Legislative District team recently sent to the Commission on this issue. Please consider lending your support to these efforts, and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


    Rep. Shelly Short

    Caucus Chair State Representative

    E-mail: Web site:

    Olympia Office (January-April) 427A Legislative Building – P.O. Box 40600 Olympia, WA 98504-0600 (360) 786-7908 or Toll-free: (800) 562-6000

    District Office (April-December) P.O. Box 184 Republic, WA 99166 (509) 775-8047

  • July 2, 2015

    Dear Governor Inslee,

    I have an important question for you:  Who really governs this state – the elected Governor, or the powerful WEA union?  Your answer could end the budget chaos created by Democrats yesterday.

    The 2015 legislative session accomplished what was needed for the people of Washington State.  Led by Senate Republicans, the bipartisan budget accomplished historic reductions in college tuition, spending priorities for K-12 education and early learning, reduced class sizes, and COLAs for our teachers for the first time in
    6 years – all this, without increasing taxes on our citizens.  This balanced
    budget passed by wide margins in both chambers and you signed it late on June
    30th, just in time to avert a government shutdown.


    However, while our party is celebrating “job well done,” your party has a mess on its hands following the Senate Democrats’ early morning sabotage of the budget YOU signed.  While our party accomplished college tuition reductions, your party has put
    those historic reductions in jeopardy.  While our party passed a balanced budget, your party unbalanced the budget.   This outrageous mess is a result of your party’s fealty to the WEA! 

    Republicans delivered on their promises.  As the 4th of July weekend nears, the Republicans rest assured that they have finished their job.  Significantly, your party is not done yet.  Republicans are known for fixing problems but we cannot fix your party!  Now it’s in your hands to end your intra-party squabbles and bring this legislative session to a conclusion.  Are you the leader of your party and the leader of this state or not?  You are the Governor, and it is time for you to govern.  We say sincerely… good luck.


    Susan Hutchison

    Chairman, Washington State Republican Party